Microwave Perfect Egg Poacher

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1、Double Microwave Egg Poacher--- High capacity design, health, safety and convenient, make perfect poached eggs, prepare breakfast in minutes.
2、BPA FREE MATERIAL--- BPA free and dishwasher safe, easy to clean. Just rinse with water after poaching eggs. High temperature resistant, safety.
3、HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT--- Heat resistance up to 160°C temperature, easily cope with 100°C. Poach eggs with food safe.
4、WATER FILTER AND BOWL DOUBLE LAYERS DESIGN-- Cook two eggs in minutes, simply fill with water and add eggs to make a tasty breakfast, save time and effort. This is the best egg poacher you’ll ever need!
5、STRENGTHEN AND THICKEN DESIGN--- Thicken design, can withstand strong impact, anti-falling and pressure resistance, to poach eggs perfectly.